The A.K.D.V.S. SEVA MANDAL is involved in various socio-religious activities under the aegis of A.K.D.V.S. Mumbai. In the process, it has ensured peoples participation in the area. The A.K.D.V.S. SEVA MANDAL organizes different religious programmers like Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav, Hanuman Jayanthi, Blood Donation Camp, & Free Medial Checkup etc. This initiative has brought about unity amongst various castes and communities irrespective of religion. It has also created sense of oneness amongst the people living in the area.

It is worth to note that A.K.D.V.S. has renovated and reconstructed the existing old Hanuman Temple, which is now being used by the poor and under privileged sections of the society who are living in and around Dharavi and Mahim, Mumbai.



The A.K.D.V.S. MAHILA MANDAL has taken the ideals of Great Social reformers like Jijamata, Savitrimai Phule and Ramai Ambedkar. This Mandal has been actively involved in various developmental activities such as Mahila Bachat Ghat, Self employment programmes etc. The objective of this mandal is to unite the women belonging to the weaker sections of the society and empower them. Their involvement



The mission of this forum is to create educational environment and impact lives of many who are deprived of education in different parts of the country. It has realized that the education key for asserting our rights and self respect. In order to achieve the objectives the forum has undertaken various activities for the benefit of the youth, students of the area under the aegis of A.K.D.V.S. The forum has a vision which would like to share by creating awareness and promising the importance of education amongst the people and the community in which we all live.
Objectives of Forum:

    • To provide free Career Guidance.
    • Create competitive spirit among the youth and students.
    • Encouragement towards Girls education in our society.



It was started in the year with aim to serve the poor and illiterate people of around Dharavi and Mahim areas. The Objectives behind this is to generate awareness on the laws exist for the protection of women and to solve other general cases for poor people. It organizes mass awareness programs in order to educate and help them in related to legal rights.





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